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Radio Controlled Boats – 3 Things Veteran RC Boat Nuts Wished They’d Learnt Before Their 1st Boat

This is a beginner’s guide to buying your first Radio Controlled Boat. WARNING: Please don’t buy your new RC Boat before you read this guide. OK let’s get started with 3 imperative things you need to consider before getting into the wonderful world of RC Boating. Where are you going run your boat? OK the first thing you need to consider when purchasing a Radio Controlled Boat is where you are going to run it. This is […]

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Foam Vs Balsa Radio Control Model Airplanes

Until several years ago, radio control aircraft models were almost exclusively constructed from balsa wood. There were some rudimentary building attempts with styrene plastic and other methods, but balsa was the preferred material. Balsa wood’s low cost, light weight and ease of use made it a natural choice to build any type of model plane. Foam RC models have recently entered the scene in the form of ready to fly aircraft. There is a growing interest in […]

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The Tools Needed For Radio Controlled Hobbyists

Building a radio controlled project requires a huge amount of time and detail when you are putting the pieces together, or even cutting the pieces out to be assembled. Most people who do it as a hobby will have many different tools that they use throughout the course of assembling a radio controlled project. If you want to build something for the first time, you will need some materials that will come in immensely handy throughout the […]

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